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Pipe Labels — Resources, Equipment, and Information

Labeling pipes is more than just buying a preprinted label and slapping it onto a pipe. With a labeling printer, such as a DuraLabel, you can customize the label to say exactly what you need it to. Using the correct labeling tape can ensure that the label will withstand weather, chemicals, temperatures, and even glow in the dark.

PipeLabels.com provides the tools and information you need in order to properly label your facility's pipes and achieve compliance with the latest industry standards and codes. We cover general pipe marking and pipe labeling as well as applications for which specialized standards apply, such as ammonia refrigeration or medical gas pipes. Pipe marking charts and regulations can be found here.

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Pipe labeling requires more than just information on what labels are needed—you have to have the right tools for the job. We offer top-quality label and sign printers from DuraLabel, and others that can not only save you money on pipe labeling, but can handle your other labeling needs as well. RTK labels, bar codes, bin and shelf labels—our label machines do it all. A wide range of supplies for our label printers guarantees that you'll be be able to find a solution to virtually any labeling problem.

Create Industry-Specific Pipe Labels

Environmental stressors vary greatly from facility to facility. Research labs and oil refineries, for example, rely on pipe labels for visual safety communication. However, the environmental factors that influence pipe label adhesion in these two environments are completely different! Read on to learn about resources available on PipeLabels.com to support industry-specific labeling efforts.

Pulp & Paper Pipe Labels

Paper mills use caustic bleaching chemicals in the paper making process, so scrupulous compliance with labeling standards ensures safety and appropriate waste management in these environments. Read more about standards and requirements for pipe labels in the pulp and paper industry.

Safetyl Labels
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Oil & Gas Pipe Labels

Pipe labels are absolutely essential in oil refineries where crude oil must pass through several pieces of equipment in the refining process. Labels are equally essential in the oil exploration and distribution processes. Creating visual communication for these harsh environments requires labeling supplies specifically engineered to adhere to difficult surfaces. Read more about pipe labeling in the oil and natural gas industries.

Hospital & Laboratory Pipe Labels

NFPA and ASME/ANSI outline specific requirements for pipe labels in hospital and laboratory settings, where pipes often transport medical gasses or ammonia. To be compliant, a medical gas pipe label must have the correct background and text colors, indicate the directional flow of the gas and be spaced at the right intervals. Read more about pipe labeling in the medical industry.

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