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ASME/ANSI A13.1 Pipe Marking Requirements

Identification of Piping Systems

Pipe labels - piping identification equipment

ASME/ANSI A13.1 is a standard intended to establish a common system to identify hazardous materials flowing through piping systems. The 2007 update to the standard specifies the exact colors to use for pipe marking, and identifies four additional user-defined color combinations. While the 2007 standards are required for new installations, existing facilities should maintain consistency with the existing system to avoid confusion.

The following is a summary of the ASME standards for marking and identifying pipes. These standards apply to the pulp and paper industry for marking all chlorine, caustic and acid lines. (These standards also apply to many other industries.) This is intended to be a brief overview, it is not a complete list of all pipe marking specifications.

O.D. of pipe or covering
Length of the color field
Size of the letters
inches mm inches mm inches mm
< 3/4" < 19mm A permanently legible tag is recommended
3/4 - 1-1/4 19 - 32 8 200 1/2 13
1-1/2 - 2 38 - 51 8 200 3/4 19
2-1/2 - 6 64 - 150 12 300 1-1/4 32
8 - 10 200 - 250 24 600 2-1/2 64
over 10 over 250 32 800 3-1/2 89

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